Stunning And Delicate Toothpick Art

Most of us use toothpicks after eating or maybe for some detailed work like nail art. This guy is using it to make art. Amazing! His name is Steven J. Backman and for him every toothpick can be made into a famous landmark replica. The sculptures are so small that it’s ridiculously difficult to even imagine how he does it.

white house toothpick

He uses only toothpicks and glue, and for some of the sculptures he is even using only 1 toothpick. Of course he fails a lot of times before he finally makes one that’s perfect, because a toothpick is obviously very fragile. The landmarks are for example the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, The White House and Empire State Building.

starry night toothpick

He has also used several toothpicks to make illustrations of Mona Lisa, etc. Toothpick art has been popular for quite some time. Here you can see the biggest and tallest toothpick structure ever.

eiffel tower toothpick

empire state building toothpick

golden gate bridge toothpick

mona lisa toothpick

Artists Celebrating 20th Anniversary Of Edward Scissorhands

It has been 20 years since Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder played in Edward Scissorhands. The romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton was a sensation. It’s the story of an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation, who has scissors for hands. He falls in love with a teenage girl, but it gets complicated.

edward scissorhands 1

To celebrate the 20 years anniversary a bunch of artist have gathered and made their interpretation of Scissorhands. 40 beautiful illustrations were made and

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here you can see some of them. The styles are very different but extremely unique. Some are prints, others are paintings or drawings.

edward scissorhands 2

There were no limits, something that every artist desire. The art pieces are all gathered in Gallery Nucleus, but also on a blog of artist Seb Mesnard which dedicated that blog especially for this 20th anniversary. Enjoy the contributions. A similar thing was done to celebrate the Star Wars movies by gathering 100 artists that made their unique Darth Vader helmet.

edward scissorhands 3

edward scissorhands 4

edward scissorhands 5

edward scissorhands 6

edward scissorhands 7

edward scissorhands 8

edward scissorhands 9

edward scissorhands 10

edward scissorhands 11

edward scissorhands 12

edward scissorhands 13

edward scissorhands 14

edward scissorhands 15

250 Years Old Art but Amazingly Modern Looking

You will either think that these sculptures are funny faces or masterpieces. Well, they are both. The artist behind all this is Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, that was actually born in 1736, so that is one of the things that are pretty interesting with this art work; the sculptures look so modern, but they are about 250 years old. Can you imagine? The point is that Messerschmidt was such a genius that wanted his work to be different and almost ironic in a way, because who else did make crazy busts back then.

head sculpture 1

1770 was the year that he started doing these twisted busts or faces, and the reason for his creativity is that he himself was starting to get hallucinations and paranoid ideas, so basically he expressed what he had in mind. They all look like they are trying to escape themselves, like they’re fighting against something, and the truth is that he wanted to express how he felt when he pinched himself because of his mental discomfort. Crazy or a genius, he really had an amazing creativity. Speaking of busts, here are some hyper-realistic ones.

head sculpture 2

head sculpture 3

head sculpture 4

head sculpture 5

head sculpture 6

head sculpture 7

Phonebooks Have Faces From Now On

You maybe wonder why there is a face of Marylin Monroe or Albert Einstein in a phonebook. That is the art work of sculptor Alex Queral from Philadelphia. He simply takes old phonebooks and carves famous faces on them. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work to finish one face; he uses several weeks on one project. First he sketches the face of the person on a paper and then lays it over the phonebook and starts to carve it with a razor.

phonebook art 1

He makes one face for each phonebook, because he cuts through all the pages to create the perfect 3D portrait. To distinguish the portraits from the pages, he paints each face with a monochromatic wash. Looking at the phonebooks from the side you can see how it looks like a face that is coming out. If you’d like to see more paper art, you should check out these newspaper and book sculptures in New York.

phonebook art 2

phonebook art 3

phonebook art 4

phonebook art 5

phonebook art 6

phonebook art 7

phonebook art 8

phonebook art 9

phonebook art 10

phonebook art 11

phonebook art 12

phonebook art 13

phonebook art 14

Paper Sculptures That Will Leave You Speechless

Those amazing paper Sculptures are

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made by Jeff Nishinaka. For a 28 years he made some of the most beautiful paper sculptures that currently exists. His works includes some projects for Sprint, Visa, Paramount and C and probably one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Coca Cola.

paper sculpture 1

paper sculpture 2

paper sculpture 3

paper sculpture 4

paper sculpture 5

paper sculpture 6

paper sculpture 7

paper sculpture 8

paper sculpture 9

paper sculpture 10

paper sculpture 11

paper sculpture 12

Creepy and Disturbing Mummy Dolls

Horror is the right word for Shain Erin’s mummy dolls. They are terrifying, and it is hard to believe that any child wants to play with them. But that is not the purpose of these creepy dolls, they are made for art exhibitions around the world. Shain’s dolls have been seen in quite a few countries; U.S., Australia, Norway, England, Germany, Canada and France. Erin has always been really into mummies, he says that they are like „books waiting for audience“. This is not the first time that he creates a unique art work; since childhood he has been interested in art, and has created sculptures and painted a lot.

creepy doll 1

To make the mummy dolls he used Paper clay and fabric. Some of them look like skeleton, some like monsters and others like zombies. It is definitely a nice collection of creepiness that will make you feel funny but impressed. Erin is not the only one using scary dolls to express something; this Mexican island has the scariest collection of dolls.

creepy doll 2

creepy doll 3

creepy doll 4

creepy doll 5

creepy doll 6

creepy doll 7

creepy doll 8

creepy doll 9

creepy doll 10

Cartoon Characters Showing Their Anatomy

On a previous article the art work of Hyungkoo Lee was represented, where he made skeleton sculptures of famous cartoon characters. A similar thing has been done by the American artist Jason Freeny. He chose to 3D sculptures as well as posters that show the inside skeleton of famous cartoon legends like Nemo, Super Mario and Hello Kitty. The interesting viagra how it works thing about the sculptures is that they don’t look creepy at all, rather cute, because they have a lot of colors and they are made in a way so they almost look like toys.

pacman anatomy

Freeny has even made a big poster of Gingerbread Man’s anatomy, numbering all the parts inside his “body”, representing him like a real generic cialis reviews human being that has lungs, intestines, liver, canadian pharmacy adipex and so on. Some generic cialis canadian pharmacy will think that it’s fun whilst others will think that it’s kind of bizarre to use cartoon characters in this way.

super mario anatomy

cartoon anatomy 1

cartoon anatomy 2

cartoon anatomy 3

cartoon anatomy 4

cartoon anatomy 5

cartoon anatomy 6

cartoon anatomy 7

cartoon anatomy 9

Human Architecture in New York

At first glance and with no explanation these pictures look rather weird, but it is just street art. Choreographer Willi Dorner from Vienna has come up with the idea to use dancers to fill in different kind of spaces in New York City. The act is named “Bodies in Urban Spaces” and is some kind of human architecture. 22 performers and dancers have occupied places like across park benches, between walls, and on building roofs. The exhibition is a part of a festival named” Crossing the Line”, and similar acts by Dorner have been done in Europe as well, in countries like Norway, Sweden and Austria.

urban art 1

Still these pictures represent an exhibition on Financial District in New York. The dancers are wearing colorful hoodies and tights so that they can be seen, and there is absolutely no doubt about it, because they attracted a lot of audience. Like to see more of New York? Check out the city while it sleeps.

urban art 2

urban art 3

urban art 4

urban art 5

urban art 6

urban art 7

urban art 8

urban art 9

urban art 10

Photos by Bryan Derballa – The Wall Street Journal

Nailympics – An Unusual Manicure

It is a well-known thing that long and fixed nails are both attractive and feminine, but the nails they are making at the Nailympics are a bit, well, overstated. The Olympic games of nails was first held in USA about ten years ago when some nail brands decided to make a non-profit competition for fun. This year top rated manicurists participated in London on events as “fantasy nail art” and “gel sculpture”. For those who think that this is easy, you are very wrong, because the participants needed several years of training before they were ready to compete.

nail olympics 1

Up to 24 countries with 354 competitors attended the Nailympics showing what their country can offer. They make artificial acrylic nail and glue them on natural nails of the models, and the ideas are many, everything from forest to angels. If you would like to check out more artificial stuff, you can take a look at these fake cakes in “Cakeland”, Oklahoma.

nail olympics 2
nail olympics 2

nail olympics 3
nail olympics 3

nail olympics 4

nail olympics 5

Via DailyMail.

Newspaper and Book Sculptures in New York

The New York inspired

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artist Nick Georgiou from Queens has managed to use something as simple as newspapers to create art, more precisely sculptures. He finds pleasure in giving words life and transforming them into something different. The sculptures are some strange creatures but they can remind of animals like dogs. Some of them even reminds of little aliens.

newspaper sculptures 1

He has placed most of them around in New York City, but some of his collections are for the indoors like the ones that look like paintings because of the frames. He also tears apart books to create his installations. Still both tourists and New York citizens are attracted to these little newspaper sculptures and will stop to take photos. If you would like to see more paper sculptures you should check out these colorful paper figures of people’s everyday situations.

newspaper sculptures 2

newspaper sculptures 3

newspaper sculptures 4

newspaper sculptures 5

newspaper sculptures 6

newspaper sculptures 7

newspaper sculptures 8

newspaper sculptures 9

newspaper sculptures 10

newspaper sculptures 11

newspaper sculptures 12

newspaper sculptures 13

newspaper sculptures 14

newspaper sculptures 15

newspaper sculptures 16

newspaper sculptures 17

newspaper sculptures 19