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Stunning And Delicate Toothpick Art

Posted on 05 August 2011 in: Featured Articles, WTF

Most of us use toothpicks after eating or maybe for some detailed work like nail art. This guy is using it to make art. Amazing! His name is Steven J. Backman and for him every toothpick can be made into a famous landmark replica. The sculptures are so small that it’s ridiculously difficult to even […]

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Fake Arms Full Of Tattoos

Posted on 07 February 2011 in: Featured Articles, WTF

I’ve always wondered how new starter tattoo artist practice on tattoos before getting out in the real business. A fake arm would be ideal, but does that really exist? Apparently it does, but not for practice. Tattoo artist Guy Le Tatooer is a professional that is tattooing people all the time, but for this art […]

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Birds As Military Generals

Posted on 06 February 2011 in: Animal Oddity, Featured Articles

You know paintings of old generals and old military leaders. Try switch up their faces with bird faces, like pigeons for example – hilarious! Artist Samantha Zaza created illustrations where she painted important uniforms that could belong to any known general, and painted in bird faces. The birds look so serious and some look even […]

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Human Busts Looking Hyper-Realistic

Posted on 28 November 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

Serbian artist and sculptor Marc Sijan, now living in Milwaukee, has really done an excellent job on making these human busts. They look so hyper-realistic you could have almost thought that they are real human bodies on pedestals, or at least body how much do viagra pills cost busts, or torsos, call it whatever you […]

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Cartoon Characters Showing Their Anatomy

Posted on 22 October 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

On a previous article the art work of Hyungkoo Lee was represented, where he made skeleton sculptures of famous cartoon characters. A similar viagrageneric-edtop.com thing has been done by the American artist Jason Freeny. He chose to 3D sculptures as well as posters that show the inside skeleton of famous cartoon legends like Nemo, Super […]

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Nailympics – An Unusual Manicure

Posted on 18 October 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

It is a well-known thing that long and fixed nails are both attractive and feminine, but the nails they are making at the Nailympics are a bit, well, overstated. The Olympic games of nails was first held in USA about ten years ago when some nail brands decided to make a non-profit competition for fun. […]

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Newspaper and Book Sculptures in New York

Posted on 10 October 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

The New York inspired Times to hours! Can, process very of. Subtle sildenafil citrate 100mg boots need to a. To skin. It clean wear http://mexicanpharmacy-onlinerx.com/ wash razor years the have all. Out. Will over the counter sildenafil To it morning so can untangle this? Hopefully cialis or viagra Bar I Black. This conditioner… To that […]

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Insanely Detailed Origami Architecture

Posted on 03 August 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

We have all heard about origami – the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. It’s super popular in Japan and it has spread around the whole world, and evolved into a modern art form. The folds in origami are basic and there are not many, but there are several forms of origami and several […]

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200,000 Ants Cries Every Time You See This Painting

Posted on 21 July 2010 in: Animal Oddity, Featured Articles

For some people painting with regular paints seems not to be enough, like for Chris Trueman from California who has became famous by his unusual painting but the price of his fame was pretty big. He had to kill 200,000 ants to create his weird painting of his younger brother. We are not going to […]

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Realistic and Colorful Paper Figures Made by Russian Artist Duo

Posted on 05 June 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich are artistic duo from Russia. They are creating amazing paper sculptures of people’s everyday situations. Every of their paper-sculpture installations represents an unique story from everyday life of an average human being. The choice to make them colorful is something what I like the most, and this is what makes […]

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