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Calculators From The Past

Posted on 20 September 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Today it has become hard and unnecessary to do maths in your head, because everybody’s got a calculator. The calculator is a genius invention and range way back to year 1623, but was first produced and sold in 1820. This was really old calculators that can’t compare with those that are on the market today. […]

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Steampunk Star Wars Figures in Victorian Style

Posted on 13 April 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

What do you get when you combine steampunk with Star Wars? The result is simply awesomeness.  Under the text you will found out some of the outstanding SILLOF’s creation, a set of steampunk Star Wars figures in Victorian style. These remarkable masterpieces are called the Steam Wars: A Hew Hope. Maybe you remember that we […]

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