Old Skateboards Becoming Artistic Skulls

Mixing skateboards with skulls mus to look bad-ass, and it really does. Designer Beto Janz has taken old used skateboards and created them into awesome skull art. This was actually done to promote a skate shop in Brazil, and you have to admit that the skulls are a cool idea. They promoted it in an underground way, because they applied stickers with the address to the shop on the skulls and placed them around other skate shops, so that people would notice them.

skateboard skull 1

Those who do it will get the skulls as a souvenir, and I’m sure that they will go visit the skate shop only because the advertising was so great. Janz had to break the skateboards into pieces before he drilled a couple of holes in it so it would eventually look like a scary skull. A skater or not a skater, either way it would be really cool to find one of these skulls. Another artist that has used skulls as inspiration is this Russian artist that transforms fruit into skulls.

skateboard skull 2

skateboard skull 3

skateboard skull 4

skateboard skull 5