Playgrounds From The 70’s

The 70’s era saw many innovative playground structures. Do you remember that Miracle Fun house or the Earth Tone barrel of fun? The Miracle fun house is made out of wooden planks and fiber glass enclosure. This way the run for fun activity is kept safely inside the Miracle Fun House. Here fitness is combined with fun.

old playground 1

old playground 2

old playground 3

Those days playgrounds had lots of features for tiny tots too. Humpty dumpty house is a rolling house specially designed for tiny tots who are not ready for bigger games. This has smooth corner ends and is made of fiber glass planks. It also has a safety guard on bearings and wheels. Big kids can’t fit in these houses, thus only small kids can enjoy the Humpty dumpty house of fun.

old playground 4

old playground 5

old playground 6

old playground 7

old playground 8

old playground 9

old playground 10 /></a></p> <p style=old playground 11

old playground 12

old playground 13

old playground 14

old playground 15

old playground 16

old playground 17

old playground 18

old playground 19

old playground 20

Playgrounds also housed a variety of See Saws, Giganta a fun producing Robotic structure, Lunar Lander and Snails. These features make playgrounds a fun area for kids and invite them to come in and have fun.

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Disneyland Made Out Of Lego

Disneyland designed using Lego arts produce awesome toys and sceneries that most children are interested in. The unique designs of Disneyland made out of Lego are not only appealing to the kids but even grown ups. This implies one doesn’t have to leave Disneyland made out of Lego arts as they grow up, but can use the skills they gain as they grow up to develop more stunning works of art.

disneyland lego 1

disneyland lego 2

disneyland lego 3

disneyland lego 4

disneyland lego 5

disneyland lego 6

disneyland lego 7

disneyland lego 8

disneyland lego 9

disneyland lego 10

disneyland lego 11

disneyland lego 12

disneyland lego 13

disneyland lego 144

disneyland lego 15

disneyland lego 16

You can consider making various Disneyland sceneries out of Lego bricks. Using the Lego bricks you can make the souvenir stands, ride replicas and even the various people you would wish to meet during your Disneyland tour. You can even consider making Disneyland model trains with a stunning main street with buildings using the Lego bricks. You can also consider making different car models using the Lego bricks. Choosing Lego bricks with different colors will perfectly compliment the Disneyland art you make.

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Outstanding LEGO-Steampunk Yacht

LEGO and Steampunk can usually work together making an awesome LEGO-Steampunk Yacht combination. This is one of the fabulous arts that most artists should not shy away from when designing these recreational boats. One of the best LEGO-Steam Punk Yacht is the Radiant Kestrel which is a steam punk yacht that’s built from Lego bricks. This Lego-steam Punk yacht is not only impressive because it’s designed from two different forms of art but also because of its entire smooth and unique designs that make it have a unique look from the popular Lego yacht.

lego steampunk yacht 1

lego steampunk yacht 2

lego steampunk yacht 3

lego steampunk yacht 4

lego steampunk yacht 5

lego steampunk yacht 7

lego steampunk yacht 8

lego steampunk yacht 9

Using these two artistic designs to develop a yacht makes the recreational activities more interesting. You can consider using the Lego and steam punk combinations in making luxury sailing yachts or even racing yachts. Its unique designs and artistic features makes these awesome yacht- steam punk boats appear luxurious and sophisticated.

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When Farm Kids Get Bored

No-one likes being bored. It is not necessarily a destructive emotion (although the producers of Fight Club might disagree) but it does compromise your existence, no matter what your age, level of education, skill set, income or company. Of course, when you are on a farm, it is somewhat easy to imagine that one can get bored relatively easily. Stuck on a remote location in an environment where thirsty and repetitive work is the rule of the day, it is all but inevitable that one will eventually turn to unconventional use of common farm products if its means attaining the amusement that they yearn. Indeed, there are pictures on the Internet that show what wonderful works of art certain farm kids have made using haystacks. Get out the paint and start applying facial features to the side of a haystack; or get more adventurous. Some people like to make statues with more than one haystack, but there are also impressive life-size sculptures of a satellite dish, a rocket ship and even a ferris wheel! I’ve also seen a picture of a motorbike on its side with two Wellington boots sticking out of a nearby haystack, as though it were the result of a quite unusual accident!

farm kids 1

farm kids 2

when farm kids get bored 1

when farm kids get bored 2

when farm kids get bored 3

when farm kids get bored 4

when farm kids get bored 5

when farm kids get bored 6

when farm kids get bored 7

farm kids 3

when farm kids get bored 8

when farm kids get bored 19

when farm kids get bored 10

when farm kids get bored 11

when farm kids get bored 12

when farm kids get bored 13

farm kids 4

when farm kids get bored 14

when farm kids get bored 15

when farm kids get bored 16

when farm kids get bored 17

when farm kids get bored 18

when farm kids get bored 19

when farm kids get bored 20


farm kids 5



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