The Replica of Las Vegas Made From 24 Million of LEGO Bricks

Las Vegas is one of the world’s most famous and in same most controversial cities. It is known by the gathering points for gamblers and rich people who do not know what to do with their money.

There are a few architectural features which are unique for this place and different from other buildings in it. The project called Legoland California where a team of LEGO artists conjoined to create small replica of Las Vegas from LEGO bricks.

They have recreated almost every significant building in Las Vegas especially those with unique style such as pyramid-like Las Vegas Luxor hotel or Paris Las Vegas. The team who made this replica has used more than 24 million of LEGO bricks to create the whole city. The Legoland California is made to be visitor-friendly and hundreds of visitors visit this place every day.


Legoland California, located in Carlsbad which is 1 hour drive south of Anaheim/Disneyland and half an hour drive from north of San Diego, built on a 128-acre landscape with Lego blocks in the year 1999, is the only LEGO theme park in the United States. The theme park which is the only one outside Europe, with the original in Denmark (the original place for toy building blocks), and the others in Windsor (England) and Germany, is the third of the LegoLand parks to open.

legoland 1

This colorful amusement park provides complete recreation to the families and especially to the children. With variety of rides, terrific miniatures, laugh-out-loud shows, everything is just produced with Legos.

legoland sith lord

legoland sydney opera house

legoland mount rushmore

legoland flamingoes

legoland elephant

legoland 2

legoland 3

legoland 4

legoland 5

legoland 6

legoland 7

legoland 8

legoland 9

legoland 10

legoland 11

legoland 12

legoland 13

legoland 14

legoland 15

legoland 16

legoland 17

legoland 18

legoland 19

The term “Lego” was coined in 1932 which is a combination of Danish words meaning “play well”; and in Latin it means “I assemble”. It provides an awesome sight-seeing not only for kids but for adults as well, with Lego Elephants, Lego Flamingoes, ‘the French Quarter’, ‘The Cathedral’, ‘the Mardi Grass Parade’, and many more wonderful Lego things.


Disneyland Made Out Of Lego

Disneyland designed using Lego arts produce awesome toys and sceneries that most children are interested in. The unique designs of Disneyland made out of Lego are not only appealing to the kids but even grown ups. This implies one doesn’t have to leave Disneyland made out of Lego arts as they grow up, but can use the skills they gain as they grow up to develop more stunning works of art.

disneyland lego 1

disneyland lego 2

disneyland lego 3

disneyland lego 4

disneyland lego 5

disneyland lego 6

disneyland lego 7

disneyland lego 8

disneyland lego 9

disneyland lego 10

disneyland lego 11

disneyland lego 12

disneyland lego 13

disneyland lego 144

disneyland lego 15

disneyland lego 16

You can consider making various Disneyland sceneries out of Lego bricks. Using the Lego bricks you can make the souvenir stands, ride replicas and even the various people you would wish to meet during your Disneyland tour. You can even consider making Disneyland model trains with a stunning main street with buildings using the Lego bricks. You can also consider making different car models using the Lego bricks. Choosing Lego bricks with different colors will perfectly compliment the Disneyland art you make.

Via BrickShelf.