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Hilarious Baby Handling Guide For Parents

Posted on 03 October 2011 in: Featured Articles, WTF

Most of us have parents, or have had, or maybe are parents themselves. But what determines if you are a good or a bad parent? SomeĀ  would say that a bad parent is someone who has lack of love for its child, which makes sense. Can you become a better parent? Well, they say it’s […]

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Cartoon Characters Go Victorian Style

Posted on 02 July 2011 in: Featured Articles, Funny&Crazy

Mix up paintings and cartoons, what do you get? A hilarious set of manipulated consecuencias de tomar viagra photos. Here you have nice paintings from the Victorian era just sale cialis online invaded by Betty Boop, Homer Simpson, Cinderella, Bugs Bunny and the rest of very known cartoon characters. OK, the paintings are beautiful but […]

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If Logos Were Honest

Posted on 26 June 2011 in: Featured Articles, Funny&Crazy

Does it make any sense? Finally the logos are telling the truth about their companies, brands or whatever it is. This was the idea of the genius Swedish designer Viktor Hertz. He thought: Why shouldn’t logos be honest? Maybe because then they wouldn’t sell at all? He has even fixed the layout on the logos, […]

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Mad Magazine’s Good Old Covers

Posted on 10 January 2011 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Do you remember the Mad magazine? It is an American humor magazine founded in 1952 by Harvey Kurtzman and William Gaines. Here are some awesome covers of the magazine, showing the main character of the magazine Alfred E. Newman. The covers are from the magazines best years, when it was most popular. The coolest thing […]

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Crazy, Sentimental & Old Superheroes and Supervillains by Donald Soffritti

Posted on 14 July 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

From what we have seen in last sequel of the Batman, we could surely expect that Batman is going to be pretty crazy grandpa, if Joker or Riddler doesn’t kill him before he gets old. Italian cartoonist Donald Soffritti has made some illustrations where he showed us how superheroes and their inevitable ‘friends’, supervillains, could […]

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