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Anti-Nazi Photomontages

Posted on 31 August 2011 in: Featured Articles, People Oddity

Before Photoshop even existed German citizen, John Heartfield born Helmut Herzfeld, made photomontages. Already from the 1930’s Nazism was getting bigger and bigger. People didn’t care, they chose to ignore it, but that was not the case with Heartfield. He just wanted to criticize the regime by making hilarious but artistic photo montages. He had […]

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Stunning 150 Years Old 3D Photos

Posted on 20 June 2011 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

We are all aware of the fact that there were no 3D effects 150 years ago. Well, maybe that’s just a theory, because they actually had something alike 3D that they called stereo photography. It was pretty popular during the Civil War in 1861. Here you can see a selection of Civil War photographs that […]

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Old Historic Photos of American National Parks

Posted on 23 November 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

In a previous article there were mentioned the National Parks of America that were promoted with huge posters under the Great Depression in the 1930s. It exists a lot of photographs that show how people enjoy these parks in the early 18th century. Hundreds of millions Americans enjoyed the 35 parks that existed back then, […]

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Weird Mummy Findings in Peru

Posted on 04 November 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

If you thought that only Egypt had pyramids, you are wrong. In Lima, Peru, there is one huge ancient pyramid in the middle of the town. Now they have found something strange on the top of it; four old mummies. Mummy and pyramid, nothing strange you think, but the thing is that three of them […]

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What Would Superheroes Look Like in WWII?

Posted on 26 May 2010 in: Featured Articles, WTF

We all know about superheroes like Spiderman, Superman, Batman etc. but most of us have never imagined what it would look like if such super heroes were present in World War II and similar memorable historical events. Indonesian photographer and illustrator Agan Harahap made some amazing Photoshop artworks. He decided to insert some of super […]

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