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Inside A Steampunk House

Posted on 26 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

If you have a passion for Steampunk then Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaums home is an outstanding place on earth. The couple has authentically restored their Victorian home retaining its rich heritage and classic beauty while completely modernizing the homes systems.  They changed the functional layout of their Victorian home to accommodate the conveniences available in […]

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Beautiful Mirabell Gardens – The Dwarf Garden In Salzburg, Austria

Posted on 24 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Amidst the beautiful Mirabell Gardens, in Salzburg, Austria, the “Dwarf Garden” (‘The Zwerglgarten’) is located. It was built by Prince Archbishop Franz Anton Harrach in 1715, to commemorate the dwarves who were the models of entertainment, served in the Prince’s court. It has an inspiring history for the foreigners and the peasants of the town. […]

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Ear Tattoos

Posted on 22 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, People Oddity

There are a variety of tattoo designs available for any part of the body. Some people may prefer to have their ears tattooed. However, there are many pros and cons of having your ears tattooed. Ears are small and can be easily tattooed. Sometimes you could even hide the tattoo if your hairs are long. […]

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Exquisite Book Portraits By Mike Stilkey

Posted on 15 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Artists are known for their creative eccentrics but Mike Stilkey is someone quite different. Mike is an artist from Alta Dena California, who paints exquisite portraits of life on spines of stacked books. Mike always had a fondness for painting on old books that he even got published under the name ‘100 Portraits’. However later […]

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Vlad Artazov’s Nails Life

Posted on 12 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, People Oddity

The famous Czech photographer Vlad Artazov has come up with an awesome random collection on arrangement of nails in different set ups which depict the irony of life in a very astonishing manner, in his recent interesting photo art called Nail’s life. It is incredibly done showing off the wide range of real life situations, […]

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Carving On The Desks

Posted on 08 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, People Oddity

A London-based artist, Ben Turnbull born in 1974 and expelled from two schools where he used to spent time drawing and carving out some exquisite caricatures on to a desk which today had led him to be one of the controversial artists with his controversial works, surely knows how to make strong impact with his […]

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San Zhi-Haunted Homes Of Taipei

Posted on 07 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, Places

San Zhai looks like an abandoned housing complex from Taipei, Taiwan. The rounded domes of the houses are an architectural delight and fantastically futuristic. The houses were built in the early 1980’s and targeted at rich Taipei residents of that time. The homes were built far from the city and served as homes for vacation […]

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Playgrounds From The 70’s

Posted on 06 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, People Oddity

The 70’s era saw many innovative playground structures. Do you remember that Miracle Fun house or the Earth Tone barrel of fun? The Miracle fun house is made out of wooden planks and fiber glass enclosure. This way the run for fun activity is kept safely inside the Miracle Fun House. Here fitness is combined […]

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History Behind The Abandoned Subway In Cincinnati

Posted on 04 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, Places

Beneath the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio, a set of visibly unused tunnels and stations for a rapid transit system could be seen. It is the abandoned subway of Ohio, called the Cincinnati Subway, infamous for its incomplete construction. The subway has been termed as “one of the city’s biggest embarrassments” and “one of the Cincinnati […]

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The Living Bridges Of The Cherrapunji

Posted on 03 February 2010 in: Featured Articles, Places

It is incredible to see the bridges in Cherrapunji grow on their own, instead of being built. They are called ‘Living Bridges’ of Cherrapunji. Cherrapunji, in Meghalaya, India, is famous for the highest amount of rainfall in the world. It is not only the maximum rainfall that you witness here, but the place is adorned […]

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