Detroit – Town That Is Falling Apart

Detroit has become a ghostly town. Its population has really fell from 1950 till today. It used to live about 2 million people, now it lives only 700 000. No jobs and poverty has driven away families to live outside the city.

abandoned houses detroit 1

When driving through the city you will notice lots and lots of abandoned houses. Some of the houses are torn down by now, but photographer Kevin Bauman did capture a lot of them in the 90’s.

abandoned houses detroit 2

He wanted to create a record for these homes. The style of photographing is straight-on, like it’s supposed to be in a commercial catalog magazine. Here you have a selection of the most beautiful abandoned houses of Detroit.

abandoned houses detroit 3

Some are still going strong while others are really rusty and old. It’s a bit spooky I’ll admit. Other abandoned places is this French town in Cambodia.

abandoned houses detroit 4

abandoned houses detroit 5

abandoned houses detroit 6

abandoned houses detroit 7

abandoned houses detroit 8

abandoned houses detroit 9

abandoned houses detroit 10

abandoned houses detroit 11

abandoned houses detroit 12

abandoned houses detroit 13

Unusual Upside-down Trees

If you look at these trees you will notice that something is not right. It looks like they are growing upside-down; the roots are seen up in the air, and not in the ground as they are supposed to be. The so-called Baobab tree grows mostly in Africa and Australia, but only in low-lying areas.

baobab tree 1

baobab tree 2

The legend about the tree says that god Thora dislike his Baobab that was growing in his garden, so he took it and threw it over the wall of Paradise so it landed up-side down on the Earth.

baobab tree 3

baobab tree 4

These trees can get amazingly high, up to 30 meters, and they have a trunk diameter up to 11 meters; that means that they are giant trees. African people love the Baobab trees because they can be used as shelter, water reservoirs or grain storage.

baobab tree 5

baobab tree 6

The trees are not young, they are said that they get several thousands years old. There are many other incredible trees in the world, like for example this Cannonball tree in South America.

Huge and White Mushroom Stones

In Bulgaria you can find beautiful and weird nature, and one of the examples is the Giant Stone Mushrooms of Beli Plast. They are basically white lime stones that are shaped like mushrooms, and they will get up to 3 meters. It took them thousands of years to be shaped like this, and there are a lot of myths going on about these stones. One of them is that the stones are actually severed heads of four sisters who was pursued after fleeing an oppressor. Nobody believes that today, but it just makes the mushroom stones more mysterious.

stone mushrooms 1

They got their weird shape because lot of water has eroded the stones to make them look like this, because the “mushrooms” are mostly located by lakes or rivers. The water has now of course left the area, and the funny shape is the result of its work. Other stones that have strange shape are the Moeraki Boulders.

stone mushrooms 2

stone mushrooms 3

stone mushrooms 4

stone mushrooms 5

stone mushrooms 6

stone mushrooms 7

stone mushrooms 8

Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca

You can say that lake Titicaca in Peru is a really strange lake. It the highest commercially navigable lake in the world because it sits 3,811 meters above sea level, that is about 12,500 feet. But that is not all; the weirdest thing is that it consists of 42 floating islands that actually are artificial because they are made by the Uros people that live there. The so-called floating islands are simply made of floating reeds called totora. They cual es mejor viagra o cialis are created by hand, and it must be several meters thick so it can hold all the houses.

titaca lake 1

The islands are not floating free around the lake, they are tied to the ground of the lake with large logs. The hard thing about the

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reeds is that they rot, so they must be change four times a year at least. The Uros community are really something special, because they don’t want to have contact with the modern world, so they have their special systems and rules on the islands. Today lake Titicaca is a large tourist attraction. Now that you’ve know what the tallest lake is, then you can take a look at the 10 tallest waterfalls in the world.

titaca lake 2

titaca lake 3

titaca lake 4

titaca lake 5

titaca lake 6

titaca lake 7

titaca lake 8

titaca lake 9

titaca lake 11

titaca lake 12

Norias of Hama – Huge Waterwheels in Syria

These amazingly beautiful water wheels are several centuries

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old. The name is Norias of Hama, and it is from Arabic which explains why they are located in Syria. They have been used to bring water into aqueducts that take the water further to all the fields.

nori hama 1

Back in the days there were 30 of these wheels, now there are just 17 left, and they are of course no longer in use. The wheels are pretty huge; they can come up to 20 meters in diameter, which would be about 70 ft. It grabs a lot of water and brings it to the top where a channel is taking it further to wherever it is supposed to go. So it was simply a lot of math involved when they built the wheels, because it was very important that the water was shared to all of the citizens.

nori hama 2

nori hama 3

The largest of the wheels is the al-Mohamadiyya that had the job to give the mosque enough water. Today they all look like they’re part of a fairytale, but in a powerful way.

nori hama 4

nori hama 5

nori hama 6

nori hama 7

nori hama 8

nori hama 9

nori hama 10

When Two Waters Meet You Get This Result

This phenomenon is something that you need to see. In Manaus, that is the largest city in the Amazonas, there are two rivers that literally meet each other. The rivers are Rio Negro and the Amazon, and they have completely different colors, so when sildenafil actavis 100 mg cena the phenomenon happens you can see the contrasts from the water.

meeting of waters 1

They call it “The Meeting of the Waters”, and in sildenafil in the philippines Portuguese that would be” Encontro das Águas”. It is certainly a huge tourist attraction, and every year they jump on boats to have a look at the beautiful “fusion”. You can say that Rio Negro has an almost black color, while the Amazon is more of a sandy color.

meeting of waters 2

meeting of waters 3

Their temperature are also different, and their speed of how fast they are floating, so this all makes perfect conditions for the phenomenon. And the split ranges over four kilometers so when you are there you probably won’t miss it. Another nature phenomenon that includes water is the canadiancialis-pharmacyrx Eaglehawk Neck.

meeting of waters 4

meeting of waters 5

meeting of waters 6

meeting of waters 7

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Via BrazilTravelBlog and image sources are from Flickr |1|2|3|.