Small “Nisse” Invading Snow Globes

You remember as a kid when snow globes was so much fun during winter time? You would have thought that they aren’t so popular anymore, but guess again. The Danish JA-JA architects has come out with a new line of Christmas snow globes that draws your attention. They have all kinds of fun settings, but the little cute “nisse” or Santa’s helpers are in every one of them.It almost looks like their sneaking in without permission.

snow globe 1

The set of 14 snow globes are basically showing how the “nisse” is living among us, because in old Scandinavian myths the nisse kept himself in the barn, and when Christmas arrived you had to give him a bowl of rice pudding and something to drink or else he will not be that nice, and he will even destroy your crops.Snow has been used other places as an inspiration to art, like in these amazing pencil drawn winter illustrations.

snow globe 2

snow globe 3

snow globe 4

snow globe 5

snow globe 6

snow globe 7

snow globe 8

snow globe 9

snow globe 10

snow globe 11

snow globe 12

snow globe 13

snow globe 14