R2-D2 Feauturing in Best and Largest College Prank

This is what you call a real college prank! The students at Carleton College almost transformed the Goodsell Observatory at Campus into a huge R2D2 from Star Wars. It looks like the building has its own costume, dressed up like a huge robot. The students used a lot of sheets, tape and obviously paint or some kind of coloring. They managed to get it up in “no time”, because it was all very detailed planned.

r2-d2 picture 1

They then wrote a note to the other students and professors that the R2D2 had to be left alone for 24 hours so the observatory would transform into its original form. Just imagine how much work they had to do to get it all down, but obviously it was worth it, and nobody got hurt or got in trouble, so that must have been the best college prank, and the largest. R2D2 is quite popular; here he is a custom made R2D2 PC Case Mod.

r2-d2 picture 2

r2-d2 picture 3

r2-d2 picture 4

r2-d2 picture 5

r2-d2 picture 6