Probably Biggest Portrait Ever

This has to be the biggest portrait ever made. The talented Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada is making amazingly big portraits outside that only can be viewed from the sky. He uses only colored sand when he works with his portrait projects.

sand portrait 1

The artist’s popular statement is that we all should be seen with dignity. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada started making urban art about 15 years ago in New York City. He is actually the founder of the artistic direction called “culture jamming”. His achievements place him among the best artists of this generation.

sand portrait 2

He definitely draws a lot of attention when working with his portraits, and it is no wonder, people are curious, but it is not easy to see the result. To spread around the sand he uses a sieve so it can distribute it evenly. If you liked this you should take a look at these book portraits by Mike Stilkey.

sand portrait 4

sand portrait 5

sand portrait 6

sand portrait 7

sand portrait 8

sand portrait 9