Potato Faces – Literally

Have you ever looked at a pile of potatoes and thought: wow it would be cool to paint something on them so they look like faces? Well, I have been thinking that at least, and finally someone has done it properly. The talented artist Ginou Choueiri has taken random potatoes and painted realistic faces on them. You maybe wonder why she chose potatoes as base? She thought that the texture and the color are similar to ours, and they come in different shape and sizes, so it had to be fun playing around with that.

potato 1

Potatoes are also a part of our nature, so why not connect them with human faces? Some of the faces look scary in a way, but it’s all in all really fascinating, because not even one looks like the other, everybody is unique, just like human faces. They actually remind me of the weird-looking sculpture from USA that is made of twigs and branches.

potato 2

potato 3

potato 4

potato 5

potato 6

potato 7

potato 8

potato 9

potato 10

potato 11

potato 12

potato 13

potato 14

potato 15