Painful Wall Cracks Filled Up With Lego Joy

We all just love LEGO, and it doesn’t mean that you have to be uninterested in it just because you are an adult. This artist has got that, and here are his amazing street art. His name is Jan Vormann, and he is using all the cracks in different walls of the streets in Berlin to fill it up with Lego bricks.

lego art 2

The holes are not just any kind of wholes, it is the ones that are left after the World War II. Maybe it is a symbol to forget about the pain of the war, and cover up the spots that can remind of misery. After a while a lot of people started to find cracks of their own and fill up the empty space with colorful Lego bricks.

lego art 1

You will maybe be surprised that a lot of old people joined the project as well. The streets of Berlin can not be any more cuter than they are now. Lego bricks has been used to so many different art pieces, like for example to create the LEGO replica of Las Vegas.

lego art 3

lego art 4

lego art 5

lego art 6

lego art 7

lego art 8

lego art 9

lego art 10

lego art 11

lego art 12

lego art 13

lego art 14

lego art 15

lego art 16

lego art 17

lego art 18

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