Most Scary And Creepy Playground Ever

A lot of people think that clowns are creepy, or even the porcelain dolls, like a lot of children too. But the most creepy thing from children has to be this playground. I really don’t understand what kind of children would enjoy it in here. This is a playground or children park in Sergeevka in Russia by the Black Sea. It used to be a famous resort but now it’s abandoned. Even more scary to think about.

scary playground 1

The opening gate is freaky enough with a enormous green guy that welcomes you in. He looks like he’s never going to let you out again or something like that. Inside there are a lot of soulless figures that will immediately give you nightmares.

scary playground 2

The fact that the children park is abandoned makes it worse, because all the play figures are rusty and spooky. Luckily the photographers that provided these pictures got out safe.

scary playground 3

But who knows, maybe the Russian kids don’t see the creepiness, maybe it’s just us adults. But something that has to be scary for both children and adults is this abandoned American prison.

scary playground 4

scary playground 5

scary playground 6

scary playground 7

scary playground 8

scary playground 9

scary playground 10

scary playground 11

scary playground 12

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