Lego Bricks equal Small Figures of Famous Characters

Something that was only used to play with before has become an important equipment for many artists. We are talking about the Lego bricks; it seem like people are making anything out of them today. Flickr user Angus MacLane was also obviously interested in Legos when he made famous characters out of it. They turned out to be small figures of Batman and Robyn, Terminator, Spiderman, R-2 D2 and many others.

batman lego

His collection is rather big, and the Lego figures are so tiny that they almost look cute, and not bad-ass at all even thought most of the characters are real bad-asses. And while we’re at the thing about building artistic objects with Lego bricks, you should take a look at Legoland in Germany that is a huge tourist attraction.

chewbacca lego


hurt locker lego

lego robocop

lego star wars

spiderman lego

stormtrooper lego

bruce lee lego

ghostbusters lego

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