Insanely Detailed Origami Architecture

We have all heard about origami – the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. It’s super popular in Japan and it has spread around the whole world, and evolved into a modern art form. The folds in origami are basic and there are not many, but there are several forms of origami and several things you can make out of this small number of folds. One of them is origami architecture that involves using cut-out and folded paper, as thin paperboard. The three-dimensional are the hardest ones, and require skills of an architect.

These pictures are showing some of the great works of origami architecture where some of the papers are opened 360o that involves the hardest folding. Just imagine how many prototypes had to be made before they managed to create the perfect origami building.

2 thoughts on “Insanely Detailed Origami Architecture”

  1. while these are certainly stunning I don’t believe they can be classified as Origami as they include cuts, while traditional origami is only folded.

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