How Some People See Europe

In the 21st century many things are allowed. However, this is how some Americans and Europeans sees Europe. Mostly, they now few things about theirs neighbor states and that is it. Lets take a look and see how they see Europe countries that are not so close to them. A little bit funny and maybe you can find out a lots of thing that you didn’t know.

how some people see europe

8 thoughts on “How Some People See Europe”

  1. so stupid…it’s just a random assembly of shit at the basest level, no thought put into that whatsoever…obviously someone who has never been to europe or knows anything about it made that. If I had to guess, I’d say American or English, since it seems to be slanted in the direction of misleading/bashing most of the countries Americans and English tend to be most jealous of/most unjustifiably dislike (like Italy and France).

  2. So, hang on… is Britain full of muslims or of immigrants from Poland? The two tend not to overlap much, with Polish immigrants being mostly Catholic.

  3. Pat Condell rants about Islam taking over England ALL THE TIME on his youtube videos. He likes to say they enjoy getting offended by stupid sh!t.

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