How Scary Halloween Costumes Looked Like Before

Another Halloween has passed by, another night with scary costumes and trick or treats. Every store has its own creepy and unique costumes, and the variety is huge. But how did Halloween costumes look a century ago? The thing is that they did not only dress up for Halloween back then, but for different masquerades, Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve and several other holidays. Social clubs often threw a masquerade party for their guests with no special reason. Here is a selection of old photographs showing how they dressed up back then.

old haloween costumes 1
Masked woman with roller skates ready for Halloween in 1910.
old haloween costumes 2
A ghost costume on Halloween night in a U.S. schoolhouse in 1905.
old haloween costumes 3
Two blindfolded children playing a Halloween game, 1900.
old haloween costumes 4
A witch-clown on Halloween 1910.
old haloween costumes 5
Women dressed in witch costumes poses for the camera, 1910.
old haloween costumes 6
Two dressed up girls smiling and dancing a Halloween dance, 1918.

old haloween costumes 7

Via National Geographic.

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  1. No Tony, there were Swastikas back then but Hitler had yet to rise to power. In 1918, a swastika was a totally inoccuous symbol.

  2. No, in 1918 the symbol did not have the same meaning it has now. It was originally an indian good luck symbol, then the Nazis stole it.

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