Famous Cartoon Characters In a Quite Unusual Form

Hyungkoo Lee has come up with the idea to represent famous cartoon characters as skeletons. He wanted to figure out how the anatomy of the cartoons would look like if they were alive, and the materials used to manage to create this are some synthetic materials and surprisingly enough real animal bones. He called his project “Animatus” and the cartoon characters used are Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, etc.

The skeletons are photographed with a black background to express the white in the bones even more, and the models look like they are in motion so that the skeleton cartoons will appear more alive. Some will say that they look kind of creepy while others will think they are kind of cute, especially the models representing Huey, Dewey and Louie. Something that reminds of this work is the pin-up calendar that features x-ray photos of women bodies, so it looks like skeletons are posing

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