Fairytale Houses With Thatched Roofs

As we all know today they build houses with “normal” roofs, and you’ve probably never seen a thatched house which is a very old roofing method and is used in both tropical and temperate climates.

thatched house 1

With thatching the roof of the house is built out of dry vegetation. The vegetation can be out of straws, water reed, heather and rushes that are layered so it can easily shed away the water from the inner roof.

thatched house 2

thatched house 3

Today you can still find houses with thatched roofs because it’s still practical and cheap. In some developed countries some people order thatched roof on their houses on purpose just to be different or because they like that old fashion style.

thatched house 4

thatched house 5

thatched house 6

It gives the whole house a fairytale look so if you’re into that you should maybe consider getting your roof thatched.

thatched house 7

thatched house 8

thatched house 9

thatched house 10

thatched house 11

Speaking of fairytale looking houses here is a great example on it; the Hobbit-looking house in Wales.

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