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Life Of Sparebots – An Unique And Exceptional Art

Posted on 01 March 2010 in: Featured Articles, Technology

Creativity knows no bounds and this seems to be true in the case of Sparebots. Sparebots are more commonly referred to as Life of Sparebots .The Life of Sparebots can be found on Lenny and Meriel’s Photo stream. Sparebots are actually spare bits and as the name suggests are actually bits of spare electronic parts. […]

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How To Make A Pencil Crossbow

Posted on 26 January 2010 in: Featured Articles, Technology

John Austin has a knack of creating mini weapons out of everyday items like a pencil, shoelace, penny, clothespin and what not. His book ‘Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction’ gives you an insight into the lethal potential of everyday items that can be transformed into a menacing arsenal. Here’s an easy way to make a […]

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5 Geekiest PC Case Mods

Posted on 09 October 2009 in: Featured Articles, Technology

While most of us plod along with our regular Dells and HP machines, the modders are a different breed altogether. Sometimes come up with obscene specifications for their machines. And at other times, they go ahead and create wacky and weird custom cases. Here are some PC case mods created by people who tread the […]

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Wilcraft – Ice Fishing Vehicle

Posted on 27 September 2009 in: Featured Articles, Technology

The Wilcraft is an ice fishing rig; it’s the latest thing on the ice. There are 4 main aspects of the sport that Wilcraft greatly improves upon: The first is ACCESS. We all know it takes quite an effort to get your equipment and shelter on the ice and set up. With the Wilcraft — […]

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Dodge Tomahawk

Posted on 18 September 2009 in: Technology

Into high dollar bikes? Into high speed? Into super bikes? Well, than the Dodge Tomahawk just might be your baby, if you think you can handle it. The most expensive bike in production, the Dodge Tomahawk is the ultimate in motorcycle technology. This beast will cost you $250,000, and since production is limited to a […]

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5 Facts About Lamborghini

Posted on 21 August 2009 in: Technology

Are you a big Lamborghini fan? Most of us agrees that Lamborghini is a great looking car and I am sure that many wealty people who love cars wouldn´t hesitate to have one in their collection. Cars like Lamborghini Diablo, the Gallardo and the Murcielago are like candy to my eyes. Here is a list […]

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3 of the most expensive motorcycles

Posted on 14 August 2009 in: Technology

Of all the bikes out there today, there are some that are considered the most elite. Some bikes are simply worth macho dollars, and those who are willing to pay the price can leave the showroom with a prize worth flaunting! But these high-tagged bikes can’t be found in just any showroom, so here is […]

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