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Lux Gold – The Foosball Table Of The Kings

Posted on 20 January 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Foosball, commonly referred to as ‘table soccer’, is a popular indoor sport all over the world. It is improvised soccer, played at a table with handles and rods with figures that control the ball. The players have to strive to push the ball towards the opposite goal, at the same time blocking their own goal. […]

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Vintage New York Photographs

Posted on 12 January 2010 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

The New York was worth watching between 1920 to 1960. A glimpse of the vintage pictures, take you down into the bygone era, an era that was classic, traditional yet glitzy even after those black-and-white memoirs the people had with them. Those black-and-white photographs still remind us of how the Americans always paid attention to […]

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Scott Wade’s Dusty Windshield Drawings

Posted on 21 December 2009 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Scott Wade is an artist with a difference! He paints exquisite pictures with extreme detail work but the difference lies in his choice of canvas and equipment. Believe it or not, using only dry dust, oil, a few paint brushes and his fingers, Scott Wade paints his portraits on the back of cars. He uses […]

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The LEGO Computer

Posted on 17 December 2009 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

This is an era of computers where we see latest technologies emerging every day. Something that would have been unheard of is an amazing computer with a difference! A Lego computer was built in 2003, with HP pavilion. The entire body of this computer is built with Lego bricks, without using glue or screws. The […]

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Underground Hill House

Posted on 15 December 2009 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

Often people are fascinated by a beautiful scenic spot of land and decide to build their dream house there. But those who dream and are fascinated by a beautiful hilly land, they build their homes on the hills. And these people did not wish to obstruct the natural appeal of their surroundings. Believe it or […]

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A Life Sized Stagecoach Made With 1.5 Million Toothpicks

Posted on 14 December 2009 in: Featured Articles, Lifestyle

A toothpick may have been used for many imaginative purposes, yet none matched the innovative creation of Terry Woodling. Terry Woodling, a 72 year old artist from Warsaw in Indiana, dedicated fifteen years of his life towards his vision-‘A life sized stagecoach made with toothpicks’. Using his creative eye, skillful hands and patience, he managed to […]

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