Cartoon Characters Go Victorian Style

Mix up paintings and cartoons, what do you get? A hilarious set of manipulated photos. Here you have nice paintings from the Victorian era just invaded by Betty Boop, Homer Simpson, Cinderella, Bugs Bunny and the rest of very known cartoon characters. OK, the paintings are beautiful but now they are a lot funnier, don’t you think?

cartoon paintings 1

The fun part is how they adapt to the atmosphere and setting on the paintings. Cinderella is even showing some skin just to melt in with the layout, and the designs of that time. Not to mention how well the artist photoshopped the images. Unfortunately they are created by an unknown artist, so we don’t know who we are going to give credit to. Other even more hilarious paintings are these serious bird military generals that make you laugh.

cartoon paintings 2

cartoon paintings 3

cartoon paintings 4

cartoon paintings 5

cartoon paintings 6

cartoon paintings 7