Café With Fishes Swimming Through Pipelines

Aquariums have always been a popular item, whether it’s for decoration or just for “pet purposes”. They are to be found in apartments, restaurants, hotels, malls and several other places, they are joyful and pretty to the eye, and come mostly in a square shape, but there are exceptions. This guy who owns a café has made a pipeline fish tank through the whole location connecting two big aquariums. Imagine yourself coming in there to take a coffee or maybe sit down and read the news paper, and a fish swims above your head, almost like they are flying. It’s unusual but really creative and interesting interior.

The fishes are swimming through the pipes to change their location if they get bored of the same aquarium.  Either way they need to get to one of the aquariums to get some food. Speaking of fishes, this is the most dangerous fish to eat, the Fugu fish from Japan.

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