Buzludzha – An Abandoned Flying Saucer Monument

In previous articles it has been mentioned both abandoned airfield in Ukraine, abandoned military base in Murmansk, and abandoned Soviet nuclear rocket launch silos. Now there has been found an old monument in Bulgaria that nobody has cared about for several years. During the Communism regime it was one of the most important monuments in Bulgaria, but soon at the regime ended it became abandoned and forgotten.It is called Buzludzha and it looks like a giant concrete flying saucer that has landed on the top of a hill.

buzludzha forgotten monument 1

It is located in the middle of Bulgaria, more directly in Buzludzha National Park in the Central Stara Planina. The monument is built in honor to a secret socialist movement act that was carried out by Dimitar Blagoev. Now it has just become a creepy place made out of concrete in the mountains of Bulgaria.

buzludzha forgotten monument 2

buzludzha forgotten monument 3

buzludzha forgotten monument 4

buzludzha forgotten monument 5

buzludzha forgotten monument 6

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