Breaking Up With A Man Is Easier Than With A Woman

Posted on 18 February 2011 oddy88

Yes, we all know very well that women and men are completely different in some matters, both mentally and physically. We each have our toilets at public places, so yeah the difference is big. And there are a lot of ways to annoy a girl, and sometimes men go so far that the woman immediately thinks of breaking up with him.

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Here you have a lot of reasons why women want to break up with men. They can do stupid things like sleep with their mother, pretend to be gay, buy a wife on line, etc, the possibilities are many, and men do have a lot of ideas and courage. But how to make a man break up with a woman? I think you’ve already guessed: Deny him sex until marriage. Easy as that. So ladies now you know what to do if you want to get rid of your man.

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