Breakfasts From Around the World by Oliver Schwarzwald

Breakfast is the major meal and all food experts will tell you how important it is. Oliver Schwarzwald is German photographer who tried to make little photo-story about the most usual breakfast in different parts of the world. Here you can see a series of photos which were made by Oliver for the ‘Feld Homme’ magazine. Oliver tried to show us in a special way what breakfasts look like in most of homes across the world.

United Kingdom

england breakfast


sweden breakfast


france breakfast

United States

america breakfast


russia breakfast


international breakfast

2 thoughts on “Breakfasts From Around the World by Oliver Schwarzwald”

  1. In the picture of breakfast from United Kingdom, could someone please
    tell me:
    What is the orangy coloured item (looks a littl like jelly) on the right
    of baked beans?
    Thank you

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