Brazilian Grape Tree – “Infected” With Delicious Fruit

Posted on 06 December 2010 Crni

At first glance this tree looks like it has a bad infection or something, but it hasn’t. The fruit is simply growing out of the trunk. It looks really creepy and crazy when you see the whole tree, because the fruit can remind of black huge insects crawling over it, or maybe that is just my imagination. The tree is called a Brazilian Grape Tree, and it is to be found in Brazil of course, but also in Paraguay and Argentina.

jabuticaba 1

The fruit looks like a plum when you take a closer look at it, it can be eaten right from the tree, and it is used in jellies and refreshing summer drinks. The tree has also another surprise; twice a year it grows strange white flowers, also from the trunk, and it is important to mention that it takes ages for a Brazilian Grape Tree to grow, just in case you want it planted in your garden.

jabuticaba 2

But why is this tree so different, and what is the purpose with the fruits being so near to the ground? The answer is simple; it was made for animals that can’t climb. Pretty amazing, huh? More incredible trees are these ones that are the oldest in the world.

jabuticaba 3

jabuticaba 4

jabuticaba 5

jabuticaba 6

jabuticaba 7

jabuticaba 8

4 Comments For This Post

  1. carlos ribeiro Says:

    In Brazil this fruit is named “jabuticaba” and tree is “jabuticabeira”, it has a delicious taste and is very cheap but unless you want to spend all next day in the bathroom, don’t eat it a lot…

  2. kjlnm Says:

    brazillian grape-tree? mind you, it’s awfully far from being anything like a grape-tree… it’s actually called Jabuticaba. The fruit, that is, the tree is called Jabuticabeira.
    damn ethnocentrism

  3. Otousama Says:

    “it was made for animals that can’t climb”

    I don’t believe it was >made< for anything. Rather, the seeds which were closer to the ground were eaten by animals that could not climb, and the higher up seeds died. Thus, the trees with lower seeds flourished. Evolution at work.

  4. Camilla Says:


    come back when you learn the original names of all asian and otherwise foreign fruits you eat. It’s just convenient to diss others for not knowing YOUR culture, innit?

    //a fellow brazilian pissed off at the stupidity of crying “damn americans/ethnocentrism”

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