BP Swimmers

Most of us heard about natural disaster which caused leakage of crude oil in Gulf of Mexico. Despite the fact that media have tried to cover complete story and to bring us enough information about it, we still cannot imagine how horrible this actually was and will be in future. Probably millions of animals will die because of this oil leakage and some scientist are predicting that this is only beginning since the season of birds migration is yet to come.

Jane Fulton is photographer who got an excellent idea to create a few of photos which could eventually help people to imagine the disastrous consequences of this leakage. She has created a few of photos where a few of models dared to swim and dive in oil.

Well there are few useful things when we talk about swimming in oil, you will definitely get a ‘chocolate tan’ for just a few seconds and also, you can be happy because you are theoretically swimming in a pool full of dollars (because crude oil means dollars, right?). Maybe BP’s CEO should try this, just in case he wants to see what his company did to thousands of poor animals.

Via Jane Fulton Alt.

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  1. Why are the swimmers covered in what looks like chocolate syrup? I don’t see any indication of contaminants in the water. Ridiculous.

  2. I understand how disasterous the Gulf spill was, is and will be. But, personally, the photos would have more impact for me if there was evidence of the oil spill in the background. Instead, all these people are standing on clean sand in front of sparkling water. There’s nothing in the background to distinguish where the photos were taken (the Gulf or Southern California) nor any evidence that they just walked out of the water to have their picture taken. As horrendous as I believe the spill to be, I cannot believe that these peole swam through it.

  3. Did anyone else notice that no one in any of the pictures had oil around there eyes, yet, it was on their forehead. If they had actually dove into the water they would have oil below their eyebrows and up to the rim of their eyes.

  4. To all the commentators who said ‘omg there is oil in thay pic’:

    all of the above photos are fake. they are there to evict an emotion about all those poor people. this is dumb and fake. they smeared oil on people and call them victims

  5. Totally faked – pretty much all of them. Look at the area around their eyes. Do you see goggles anywhere in the pics? Do you see smears where they might have taken goggles off?

    They may have swam, but they sure didn’t dive in oil.

  6. Sensationalistic is the best word for these photos. I don’t like photos which raise more questions about the methods, influence, and ethics of the photographer than about the subject matter.

  7. Can you say “Liberal Propaganda!”
    I don’t know who setup this photo shoot, but come on.
    A no talent hack such as myself could have done WAY better.
    I don’t even believe in this “cause”.
    But like everyone else said, it looks like chocolate syrup.
    And it doesn’t even look like they swam in it, it looks like the squirted it right out of the bottle.


  9. I cannot believe people are discussing “fake ” no pollution in background, and covering babies in oil. Surely they realise it is deliberatly staged to make a point!!! I am assuming that is what the artist wanted to do and it is done well.
    What a lot of people need to “get” is that whilst this is a dreadful disaster it is our need and dependacy on oil that caused this. Just blaming one company is pathetic and shows a lack of intellect and knowledge.
    How many beaches around the world have been damaged by US companies errors. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!!

  10. I find it difficult to believe that a “photographer”. ( and lets face it, these are barely more than snaps). would have the nerve to attempt to gain a reputation, or a monetary advantage using this contrivance. It brings the whole area of reportage, (imagined though). in to disrepute. Please stop and try something you are good at. And as far as the comments about the carciogenic properties of crude oil, I dont think the substance smeared on those poor but well meaning models is oil.

  11. It is funny how some people are complaining that the images look like they were faked (so we should all hate them because they aren’t real?) and others are whining that they smeared oil on babies and children.

    Make up your minds. Either you are upset that the images are obviously people on clean beaches covered in chocolate syrup so ‘fake’, or you are upset that they supposedly covered babies and pregnant ladies in real oil. You cannot have it both ways. Either these people really swam in real oil and you are all going to call them stupid for doing it, or they let a photographer with an idea cover them in chocolate for a statement and you are all going to call them stupid for doing it.

    Either way the models and the photographer lose because most of you are too stupid to understand what the word CONCEPT means. Obviously no one would want to put a baby in actual danger, it’s a baby! But to make a point about the oil spill and the horrendous effects it could have on FUTURE GENERATIONS, this photographer decided to coat some people in a HARMLESS substance and take pictures on clean beaches…….the reasons behind choosing CLEAN BEACHES as opposed to the areas where the oil actually is…..think about the complaints you’re making about covering babies in oil and then think about how stupid it is to suggest even staging these images in front of an actual oil spill. Duh. You cannot go take pictures like this with children, babies, and pregnant women on a beach that is actually covered in oil.

    Most of you are truly idiots.

  12. Not only that it looks like fake oil, half of these people’s hair isn’t even wet. I understand that this was to prove a point, but the point comes across less strongly when there are clear mistakes in the photos that indicate that these people did not, in fact swim in oil. More like had a chocolate syrup fight.

  13. the spill sucks, but i’m not sure how standing on the beach and pouring oil/syrup on one’s self is going to help anything.

  14. Should not be a problem for open minded to see as follows:

    All sea water is clear and much transparent. The beach is clean and empty of oil. The models were absolutely dowsed with something looking like oil.

    “Hey guys, try to look hard and oil punished!”

  15. These pictures are faked. The people do have oil on them but not from the water. the water behind them is crystal clear and if the were swimming in oil from the oil spill it would completely and evenly cover them, including around their eyes. notice the girl and baby in pictures 1 and 5.

  16. Trash like this is what makes enviromentalists so hard to take seriously. They make themselves so easy to discredit.

  17. Very badly done… maybe they should of said it was an interpretation but they needed a professional makeup artist to make it believable… and if really those parents would of left there kids going to swim, they should of been charged with negligence…

  18. Looks like the EPA brought out the Hershey’s chocolate syrup again. Good job, guys!

    And… wait… wasn’t there a shit-tonne less oil in the ocean than the government, the EPA, and BP estimated? Therefore shouldn’t BP be paid back for the amount of damage they *didn’t* do?

  19. Wow you people are all really really stupid!
    Of coure they didn’t cover them in real oil!!
    Of course they didn’t jump in water filled with oil!
    This is what would happen if they dared to swim in oil!

    The photographer isn’t stupid as most of you are!

    Its a statement about the effects that this oil has had, and will have on peoples lives and animals.
    Covering a mother and baby in fake oil is meant to convey the horror and sadness of finding animals and their babies covered in oil.

  20. Dumbasses. Get real, all the comments that I’ve read so far are just plain stupid. IF YOU PEOPLE READ (I DOUBT YOU DO THOUGH) IT SAYS; “GOT AN EXCELLENT IDEA TO CREATE A FEW PHOTOS WHICH COULD ***EVENTUALLY*** HELP PEOPLE TO ***IMAGINE*** THE DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES OF THIS LEAKAGE.” Like fuck, get your heads outta your asses. Morons.

  21. They could’ve at least taken the effort to go to a beach which is actually full of oil instead of standing on a crisp clean beach.

    And the way the “oil” is always right around the eyes is even more pathetic.

  22. BTW these pics make people think that all the coasts on the gulf are covered in oil!!! they aren’t and this little publicity stunt is why tourism is down in Florida and Louisiana!!! Thanks for killing the ECONOMY!!

  23. Went to the Gulf coast not long after the big spill (Alabama/Florida area). No oil in sight. No dead animals in sight. No tar balls on the beach. In fact, I saw more wildlife in the water than I’d ever seen before.

  24. BULLCRAAAAP! She created pictures all right, pictures of people covered in choc syrup. Fake pictures. not to make lite of the oil spill but having spent most of the summer in the gulf swimming, fishing, boating, 90% of the crap i have seen on tv and online about is CRAP.

  25. I really hope that the commenters here are an oddity and not an actual cross-section of humanity, because if this is an accurate representation of human stupidity I’m going to kill everyone.

  26. It’s not oil, but the photos aren’t “faked” because I don’t think think they’re meant to be real. It’s a metaphor to make us think and provoke debate. Don’t be so literal, dummies.

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