Awesome Pencil Drawings From Students Notebooks

When I was in high school I was pretty bored on the most of the lessons I had to attend, especially maths and physics. So, I used to scrible different objects in my notebook and at the end of the year my notebook looked like true piece of artwork. However that wasn’t very helpful when I had to pass the exams. Update: Those outstanding drawings belongs to Andrea Joseph.

It seems that lot of students have such hobbies, to draw anything while they’re bored during the lessons. Drawing is some kind of expressing your feelings and boring lessons are true opportunity to get inspired to draw something unique. Here you can see some of the most amazing pencil drawings took from unknown students’ notebooks.

Via Andrea Joseph’s Sketchblog.

19 thoughts on “Awesome Pencil Drawings From Students Notebooks”

  1. The “student” drawings are actually pieces done by Andrea Joseph, an artist who draws with good ol’ pens… I love her stuff and her site is awesome

  2. Amazingly talented students, however perhaps if they spend more time paying attention to the teacher, they’ll be the first generation of adults who know that they should say “Here you can see some of the most amazing pencil drawings TAKEN from unknown students’ notebooks.”

  3. Bit of a coincidence how each one is of similar taste/style. there is no proof in these pictures that they are from actual students who just ‘doodled’ in there notebooks.

  4. These are not “pencil drawings took from unknown students’ notebooks” – they are, as has been commented already, done with ballpoint pens, the work of artist Andrea Joseph. They are, presumably, reproduced here without her knowledge or permission.

  5. Andrea Joseph. Please cite don’t be a Negrah and steal. Cos the innernets be free, we negrahs be stealin.

  6. those are drawings of the same person, not “stundetS”
    And I doubt they are made “in lessons”.

  7. These are always fun to look at. I can totaly relate to this, nothing beats the mood of a quiet class room with a boring teacher that inspires such spontaneity. I used to use my homework and school desk though.

    The ones from the fourth one down look like they were drawn in Moleskines, which are usually bought by artists who intentionally use them as sketchbooks, not for taking notes in class. So you might be wrong in your guess of them being drawn by bored students.

  8. These are lovely. But not all from notebooks…some are just on paper…
    But wonderful none the less.

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