80’s Album Covers Recreated With Comic Book Heroes

Cliff Chiang, a comic book artist, recreated some classic 80’s album covers using a classic superheroes. There are not many of them but few ones that he did are so funny and inspiring, maybe a little bit bizarre that will make you happy.

The Breakfast Club Soundtrack

the breakfast club

The Teen Titans Soundtrack

the ten titans soundtrack

Puple Rain

purple rain



Flashdance Soundtrack

flashdance soundtrack

Elektra Soundtrack

elektra soundtrack

Duran Duran – Rio

duran duran rio

Vampirella – Blood


Via Cliff Chiang.

4 thoughts on “80’s Album Covers Recreated With Comic Book Heroes”

  1. Haha, awesome. I just imagine some geeks printing these covers and pasting them on their originial… I mean, dowloaded and burned CDs’ plastic covers.

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