3 of the most expensive motorcycles

Of all the bikes out there today, there are some that are considered the most elite. Some bikes are simply worth macho dollars, and those who are willing to pay the price can leave the showroom with a prize worth flaunting! But these high-tagged bikes can’t be found in just any showroom, so here is a breakdown of 3 of the most expensive bikes out there today. Enjoy!

MV Agusta  F4 CC. This bike will run you a mere $133,700 dollars or so. No big deal, right? Wrong. That is a lot of money for a motorcycle, but with a top speed of 195 mph fueled by its massive 198 hp engine, this Italian dream might just be worth it!

Macchia Nera Concept Bike. Ok, on the list of crazy motorcycles, I think this one takes the cake for number one. This bike is built around a Ducati 998RS engine, and is Italian in construction. Considered the ultimate tack bike, this bike will run you about $201,000 (that is, if you can even find a way to order it! It isn‘t built for normal retail sale.)

MTT Turbine Superbike. If you are into dropping $150,000 on the spot for a bike, than you just might be interested. This bike holds the Guinness World Record for “Most powerful Motorcycle ever to enter series production”. The turbine engine in this bike is capable of over 300 hp, so don’t stomp on it hard until you come to a straight stretch!

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  1. So, Where are the pictures? To prove your statement is “right”, Is it a “Fact” Or “Fiction”. All the Entries posted here are provided with lots of picture, except yours, there are sayings (modified), “Pictures speaks louder than Voice”

  2. where are the Photos man,,,,,,,,,,are you new on internet…………this is not telePhone…………..it is internet baby…..
    only voice and words are not enough………Pictures sre required baby……..

  3. Those bikes looks ordinary like the rest of the other bikes. The most unusually designed bike and perhaps the most expensive of them all is Dodge Tomahawk. It has 500 hp (373 kW) 8.3 L V10 engine of a Dodge Viper. The vehicle has two front wheels and two rear wheels, making it a kind of motorized quadricycle rather than a typical motorcycle. The hand-built examples of the Tomahawk is produced on order through the Nieman Marcus catalog at a staggering price of US$ 555,000. 9 of them might have sold. The Tomahawk’s impracticality was mocked as a “rideable engine stand.” Copy the link below for the pic:


  4. where da hel are da pictures, thats the only reason why i isited this stupid site!!! complete waste of time!!!!!!! 🙁

  5. Yeh,I am trying to see the 3 most expensive mortorcycles and I go in about the six page and is all the same, but pictures of them =non. Very well done

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